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Apple TV+ vs. Prime Video vs. Disney+

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Having already dealt with the first wave of Covid-19, this time second wave doesn't feel so bad. Plus, the lockdown started around winter (in Canada!) so I'm glad to stay home to hibernate anyway. This time I've been exploring different streaming services aside from Netflix.

I mostly watch shows alone and not movies (I prefer watching this with at least one other person), so I am focusing on my picks of shows for the platforms.

I got a year's Apple TV+ sub from purchasing an i-Phone. There isn't much to watch on there, but I did enjoy a few shows.

  • Defending Jacob - very bingeable but okay, I admit a driving force to watch this drama did have to do with being able to watch 8 episodes of Chris Evans.

  • Servant - binge-worthy thriller with two seasons.

  • Amazing Stories - each episode is different and reminds me of Black Mirror.

  • The Morning Show - I confess I was into this drama originally for Jen Aniston but I also really enjoyed Billy Crudup's performance.

Prime Video is great to have during a stay home order, being able to receive shipments safely at home while having access to a large amount of content. I found this service is more similar to Netflix, except for the fact that much of the content is dated.

  • Homecoming - suspenseful drama starring Julia Roberts. Sucker for big stars, I know.

  • Bob's Burgers - didn't get to finish this adult animation before it was removed off Netflix.

  • New Girl - also on Netflix but for the monthly price difference, I'd rather view it here.

  • 2 Broke Girls - great sitcom with punchlines that remind of me the classic Friends.

  • Parks and Recreation - comedy in similar format to The Office.

Disney+ I didn't expect to find shows on there, my expectation was that it would be mostly kiddy content, but I was wrong.

  • The Right Stuff - space drama starring Patrick Adams.

  • Agent Carter - Marvel drama in a classic time period.

  • Wanda Vision - Marvel drama with just the right amount of romance.

  • Various shorts especially The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.

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