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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Many forms of challah can be made, like challah buns, long-braided challah. I like to add white sesame seeds, poppy seeds, za'atar. You could also add cheese, chopped black olives or cherry tomatoes if you like savoury. For sweet, I would add cinnamon, brown sugar, chocolate chunks or honey.

Focaccia. I added fresh thyme, but you could add other herbs or even grapes.

Bring your burgers to the next level by making your own burger buns from scratch. You know you succeeded when you can squeeze it and the bread re-inflates back to it's original shape. Fluffy bread goodness.

Crusty bread. There isn't much flavour to this bread alone, so make sure you top it with something!

Irish soda bread can be made when you don't have yeast on hand, but warning, the bread is a bit dense. I added chopped green olives and red peppers to the dinner rolls.

Steamed mantou. Otherwise known as Chinese steamed buns. Typically it is dipped in condensed milk and served as a dimsum.

You can also deep-fry mantou.

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