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Celebrating Adult Birthdays

I used to have birthday parties at restaurants when I was younger, but now I'm caught in between wanting to do something instead of saying it's just another day, but not wanting to do something too extravagant or too basic.

There's also not much to do for winter babies since this is Canada and it's snowing by the time my birthday rolls around.

The best birthday I had was watching my first Toronto Raptors game live.

I think other ideas I'd enjoy would be going to Friday Jazz Night at Ripley's Aquarium. Looking at exotic fish with a buzz while listening to a cool beat is pretty trippy.

I never tire of arcades now and then, an all-time favourite is Dave and Busters. I prefer this arcade to others as it has more variety being such a large venue.

I love bowling even though I'm only good in the first round and then I get tired. If you live uptown, there's World Bowl or Playtime Bowl & Entertainment.

I am always down to watch stand-up comedy live, so the perfect places would be Bad Dog Theatre and Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club.

A stay home night would be complete with a karaoke machine, abundance of drinks and a cheese + charcuterie board. To amp it up, you could host a dinner party, like gourmet burgers where everyone assembles their own depending on their preference and grabbing fresh salmon from Diana's Seafood Delight to chop up on a wooden board as salmon sashimi.

Decor is a must.

In terms of cake, some people are okay with homemade or want a fancy one like from Decadent Desserts, but an alternative could be fancy cupcakes from Prairie Girl Bakery.

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