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Changing The Way We Communicate During Covid19

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Social distancing has changed the way we keep in touch and after the quarantine is lifted, likely, there will be a new normal to adjust to before things actually resume to what we were used to.

Fridays usually mean date night, friends gathering at a ramen shop or partying for many. What is the alternative to this while staying at home?

It could mean listening to an EDM livestream on Twitch to host your own dance party, with your smart bulbs changed to colours like green, blue, purple or pink in sync to the music.

It could be choosing an ingredient for your s/o to pick up on their next grocery run and vice versa, then each coming up with a dish creation that encompasses it, for the home cooks.

It could be a Zoom group where everyone is snuggled up with a blanket and glass of wine, dishing out banter.

For me, it meant sharing photos and videos of my cooking and baking projects. It meant incorporating some of those homemade goods into care packages for those close to my heart. It meant dealing with the choppy quality of Skype calls that either have to do with the internet connection, Skype (and which one? your own or the person you're calling or both?). It meant relying on Whatsapp to maintain those personal connections instead of meeting in person.

Relationships have suddenly become long distance with no tangible end date of how long it will be like this. Friend gatherings have all been rainchecked and you daydream together of when you'll have the next bash. Contact with elderly relatives have become FaceTime in place of the usual dinner get-togethers.

There have been challenges, but I am happy to say that I did successfully adapt.

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