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  • Letty W.

Choosing Between Two Job Offers

One moment you have zero job offers and the next minute there are two in your inbox. Which one do you move forward with?

Some things to consider..

  1. Company reputation in the industry - read reviews on Glassdoor, do they have a healthy and cohesive company culture? Are they what you have been looking for? Would you be proud to work at this company? It's 2021 and a job is no longer just a means to pay the bills.

  2. Have you met the team? Developed rapport during interview process? How do you feel about working with them? If you don't know who you are working with, this unknown variable can be scary.

  3. How will this role contribute to your work experience for future job searching? What's the next step after this?

  4. Value proposition of the product and principles of the company. Think about which aligns with you more.

  5. If it's a contract, do you prefer stability over change? Do you have financial responsibilities where you don't have a choice but to pick the one with more job security? Is there a strong chance for extension or become full-time in the case of good behaviour? Or is it contract because the position is only needed for a project, in which case proving your value contributes to the chance of extension but if there isn't a business need, there isn't anything you can do about it? What is your confidence level for how well you think you will perform? Is it possible to negotiate a longer term contract?

  6. Which day-to-day do you like more? If one job description excites you more than the other, such as being the face of the brand as opposed to doing work in the background, think about how this meshes with your personality and skillsets you wish to develop.

  7. Is it difficult to find another opportunity like the one presented? Or the duties are common? It can be challenging to find an opportunity that you can learn from, consider if you decline an offer and ultimately are still looking to add that experience to your resume, how can you get there again in the future or is it better to just take this up now?

  8. Compensation and potential benefits - vacation, medical & dental? Yes, this is the last point, as unless the compensation at one is significantly higher (~$15-20k), within a ~$5-10k higher range, money shouldn't be the ultimate deciding factor.

Most important thing to keep in mind is that you should do what makes you happiest. Whichever role you are personally more interested in, that is likely the better choice. Make a pros and cons list to carefully consider the multiple offers and trust in yourself to make the right decision.

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