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Doing Your Brows at Home

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

I had to master my brow maintenance since the pandemic started, with the closure of brow bars and the fact that the risk just isn't worth it. I would still prefer a professional's touch, especially once in a while so that they can make sure the shape is more defined, but two trusty tools have helped me navigate this ongoing task!

I like to use tweezers with a sharp tip as opposed to a blunt tip. This is best for plucking stray hairs that grow in both below and above the brow. I bought mine from Shoppers Drug Mart, but other places likely carry this too.

I also use facial scissors I bought from The Face Shop. The product is for trimming nose hairs, but this works for trimming brow hairs that grew out.

I usually do my brows very close to a mirror that I don't have to hold. I also stop to check very often to make sure both sides are balanced. I go slowly because if I pluck or cut the wrong hair, now I not only have uneven brows but I have to wait for the bald spot to grow back.

It definitely takes practice and steady hands! It's a great skill to have because stray hairs grow in quickly and being able to take care of it yourself has you looking fresh and saves you a lot of money in a non-Covid world.

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