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Experimenting with Different Gnocchi

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

I've been trying to get creative by using different types of veggies and fillings for making gnocchi and I've got to say, my favourites are the beet gnocchi, sweet potato gnocchi and pumpkin gnocchi so far.

I've tried baking, boiling and pan-frying (but you boil it before you pan fry) and the best method in terms of flavour for me would probably be pan-frying.

The sweet potato gnocchi is automatically sweet from the sweet potato.

The beet gnocchi was pretty easy to make since beets contain a lot of water, compared to purple yam, yellow yam and Honduras yam where I struggled a bit since those yams lack water.

Pumpkin gnocchi, I used canned pumpkin to simplify the process.

Purple yam gnocchi, I could really taste the purple yam.

Yellow yam doesn't have a super distinguishable flavour so it's best to add more herbs and cheese to this dish.

Same case for Honduras yam, which is why I stuffed it with tomato sauce.

Stuffed the taro gnocchi with homemade pesto.

And of course there's the original potato gnocchi.

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