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Favourite IG Accounts to Follow

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Here is a list of (in my opinion that no one asked for!) top notch bloggers to follow, that put out unique and interesting content that rise above the clutter. I've followed and continue to follow them for quite some time now, ranging from travel, food, fitness, art and pets!

  1. theluxestrategist (personal finance)

  2. alice_gao (still life, interiors, travel photographer)

  3. voyagefox_ (wanderlust)

  4. dbgphx (Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona)

  5. mollybaz (Bon Appetit editor)

  6. sohlae (chef)

  7. jumbotsang (pilates matwork instructor)

  8. alfie_the_alpaca_in_adelaide (alpaca)

  9. goalkitty (cat)

  10. getting_into_books (book recommendations)

  11. puuung1 (artist)

  12. reenp (artist)

  13. grim_b (artist)

  14. ladytist (artist)

  15. guyelnathan (artist)

  16. cinimomocomics (artist)

  17. blogicomics (artist)

  18. worry__lines (artist)

  19. constantbageltherapy (artist)

  20. wholesomewaytostarttheday (artist)

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