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Group Fitness around Toronto

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

It's like barhopping, but gyms.

You can rent a yoga mat for $2 and pay per session for hot yoga at Saana Yoga. The mats are cleaned for you and it's better than carrying a mat there and back. Make sure you bring a beverage because you defo need to hydrate during class. The location is not too far for those who live in the financial district.

I enjoyed a class at Elle Fitness with only women, including the instructor and those tending the beverage bar to refresh after your workout. The instructor notices if it's your first time and goes above and beyond to notice your posture during workouts. The changeroom facilities are quite nice and include a shower.

There are different levels of group workouts at Greco Fitness. Changeroom facilities include a shower and towels are provided. There is also a smoo bar for a post workout snack.

Phnx Fithouse is ideal for those who live near Bathurst station. There is a changing room and water fountain available. The instructors were very friendly and will send you the photos they took of you if you request it - another one for the gram.

You partner up and rotate lifting sets at Strength-N-U. It wasn't for me as there were too many people and not my vibe, but if you live in Scarborough, it's an option to consider.

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