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  • Letty W.

How to Have a Sense of Community Amid Pandemic

Isolation is a looming feeling for most for over a year now.

How I deal with feeling alone yet staying safe:

  1. Starting an Instagram blog - themes for me were cooking, plants, landscapes, pets. You can have more than one! I managed to weave travel into the food blog since the travel content was food-focused. Now that I'm hardly out there creating those new memories, I'm going through years worth of photos to create content including writing copy, putting together a calendar.. it sounds like work but since it's for a subject I'm passionate about, it doesn't feel like work at all. Just the engagement with other hobby accounts that have a shared interest kind of lifts my spirits, not to mention getting creative at the same time.

  2. Virtual volunteering - hopping on Zoom calls weekly or biweekly to discuss where we are at for an initiative and new ideas.

  3. Chatting with friends on Discord - even if you're an ex-gamer. Occasionally just dropping by to hear their voices instead of responding to a text message is quite nice.

  4. Getting delivery online from local businesses - there are many that offer free delivery for a limited time and I consider their service fee similar to what gas or commuting would cost anyway. Many businesses didn't offer delivery previously, but now they do. The pre-pandemic me would love the idea of having a box of fancy donuts delivered to my doorstep instead of venturing there myself. It also brings me joy to still be able to try the newest products.

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