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Piercing Care

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

I usually think about a piercing for a long time before I go get it. Like which ear, placement on the ear, what type of earring (stud vs. hoop but I usually opt for stud).

Now that some Covid19 restrictions have been removed, I went to get my left ear conch pierced at Warrior Ink Tattoo. It's my third piercing there and the owner used to own Chronic Ink Tattoo which is where I got my first piercing.

Conch piercing paired with rook piercing I got about two years ago.

This is called the outer conch, if it was placed higher, it would be the inner conch.

All my piercings overall healed pretty well, but it takes consistent daily care. I use a saline solution three times daily, once in the morning, once sometime during the day and once at night. I try to make sure the last one happens after a shower and not before. If somehow it's really painful, I'm ok with surpassing the three times daily limit to clean the piercing again to relieve the pain. I try to clean the back of the piercing if possible.

If it gets infected, it's important to switch to rubbing alcohol or peroxide instead of continuing to use saline solution, as it's not strong enough at that point.

I try to avoid getting the piercing soaked much in the shower and I also sleep on the other side that doesn't have a piercing to be healed. I usually give myself a few months for it to heal. Even when it's sort of healed, since I have long hair, I usually sweep all my hair on the side of the piercing when I try sleeping on the side with the piercing and I find it helps.

If there are any complications, I go back to the parlour and ask for help. When I got my tragus piercing, it fell out at the gym after two weeks and I went back the next day so they could help me put the earring back in before it closes. If you have low blood pressure, make sure you have candy available because I felt faint when the earring was put back in the wound.

All my piercings are 16 gauge so I haven't changed any myself. It takes equipment to change these earrings, so if I want to change the earring, I go back to the parlour because they use tools to make sure the ball stays on tight.

Helix piercing about eight years ago with tragus piercing about five years ago.

Contemplating a snug piercing on my right ear but that wouldn't be anytime soon. We'll see.

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