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Innovative Kitchenware

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

I love this retro timer that I got as a RedditGift many years ago so I'm not sure the origin. It's perfect for my baking shenanigans during wfh in this pandemic, I can prep the batter the night before and even pour it into the pan and refrigerate it, then I pop into the oven the next day, set the timer and it's loud enough for me to hear from my upstairs home office. I know Google Home mini timer and i-Phone timer works too, but I can save those timers for other uses (face masks etc.) while this one is specifically for the kitchen. Vintage vibes!

This bread knife I got from Amazon also serves as a ruler when measuring out perfect lengths of the cuts of dough! No more washing hands in between kneading and measuring with this all-in-one tool.

This French rolling pin I found on Amazon should be more durable in the long run as often times the handles of the rolling pins break off, but it won't happen with this design!

Bread cutter.

This food chopper I got from Amazon helps me to cut almonds and garlic. I was hoping it could cut onions too as it's one of my least favourite things to do (always looking for a sous home cook to pawn off this annoying task on), but it needs to be cut down smaller before inserted into this no-electricity-needed machine. You just pull the handle multiple times and it does the work for you.

Oil spray bottle I got from Amazon works much better than the store-bought baking spray.

Lime juicer over the classic juicer. Considering getting the same tool for lemons and oranges, but the next upgrade for me should be a juicing machine.

Pasta measurer to make sure I'm not overdoing carbs! I can measure out one serving, two, three or four.

Hand-painted butter dish which is food-safe from Crock A Doodle. Such a fun activity, would love to return and also paint a milk jug and mug in the future.

Ice cube tray I got from IKEA in the shape of fish!

Clover-shaped cutting board I mostly use for dicing herbs.

Kitchen scale really comes in handy with both metric and imperial units. The next upgrade might be an electric scale.

Dumpling clamp to get those perfect pleats every time.

Cat and heart-shaped cookie cutters.

Colourful metal straws that are not only hip, but also environmentally-friendly.

Same concept for silicone lids.

Tea filters I bought from Amazon and infuser I got from DAVIDStea.

Popsicle molds to make my own popsicles.

Waffle maker to make my own waffles. In the future I might want to acquire a Belgian waffle machine instead.

Stand mixer which has saved me so much unnecessary effort with my baking shenanigans.

Food dehydrator to make my dried fruits, jerky and chips.

Pasta maker because fresh pasta is better. The machine can make spaghetti, fettuccini, lasagna, ravioli & cannelloni.

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