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Caring For Aquatic Pets

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

A little while back I became the proud owner of a betta fish.

Also ghost shrimp.

While they are low maintenance pets, I hear stories from family and friends of the different ways their aquatic pets pass away and I am trying to prevent this from happening to mine! My sister jokes that she's going to count how many times I need to repurchase the same pets this year.

It was a process setting everything up ahead of time though and I am still learning everyday. I bought a one gallon Tetra tank that included a filter, LED bubbler and air pump from Amazon. I had difficulty setting it up with the instructions provided so I enlisted the help of Dad who saved the day.

The next step was ordering Natural aquarium gravel from Amazon. Although it said it was pre-washed, it was obviously still rinsed and soaked before putting it into the tank. I avoided the black gravel from Glo as I saw in the reviews that people complained the colour came off.

The tank was small so I didn't have much space for decor but I did buy a pineapple ornament like the one in Spongebob. This was also rinsed and soaked before putting it into the tank.

To make sure the water is safe for the aquatic pets, don't use warm or hot water. Start the filter and change the water a few times. Remove some of the water from the tank and pour in the water from the pet store. I added a ball from Aqueon Pure that I bought from Pet Smart, which is live beneficial bacteria and enzymes.

What was tedious was knowing when to clean the tank and change the filter, because I found the water got dirty pretty quickly. I'm always afraid that the pets will die when I put in new water, but it's something that obviously had to be done.

I consulted the staff at Pet Smart and the tank is not big enough to include too many pets. If I ever wanted to get a crab, those live in salt water instead of fresh water, so I would need a separate tank.

The pet food I bought from Pet Smart was Api Algae Eater for the shrimp and Aqueon Betta Food for the betta fish. Apparently I should feed them once a day. My Mom reminded me that her pet fish died as a kid due to being overfed rather than starving. Ok, no overfeeding then.

I want to incorporate more exotic shrimp into the tank at some point, but only after I have gotten the hang of this.

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