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  • Letty W.

Lessons I Learned During Covid19

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Some self-reflections I had during quarantine.

  1. Stop taking things for granted, like health, being safe, freedom.

  2. Being okay with less, back to basics.

  3. Learning how to be alone, and liking it.

  4. Self love, more of it. This means forgiving yourself.

  5. Quitting bad habits.

  6. Adapting to scary, ever-changing situations. Recreating your life in a new normal.

  7. Coping with adversity in a healthy way.

  8. Slowing down to cut out noise, taking more me-time to decompress. Thinking about what vision of life you desire and which kinds of meaningful connections you value.

  9. The world is getting crazy and you don't know what will happen tomorrow. So let go of things that make you unhappy, don't spend any more time on it.

  10. Accept the things beyond your control.

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