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  • Letty W.

Life's Simple Pleasures

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I think the pandemic has helped to bring upon a reflection of what we take for granted in everyday normal life. If you lead a privileged life, you may still get to experience some joyful things during this time- while the rest of those wonderful little things are on hold until lockdown is over.

exploring the city among the hustling bustling crowd

jamming to live jazz at a bar

bar-hopping downtown with a slight buzz

day trip to the countryside, visiting local cafes and perusing for souvenirs in small shops

eating two different unusual flavours of ice-cream in a hipster parlour

grabbing some boba then heading for a walk in a park

watching the barista make your matcha latte with a whisk

instructor-led hot yoga in studio with heat lamps

winning a badminton match in an indoor court

shopping at your own pace in grocers, slowly browsing aisles, going to multiple stores

picking out deals at outlets, stopping momentarily to ponder the buy

sharing lunch with a friend at new restos

going out on a creative date

checking out the newest action flick in theatres

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