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Making the Most Out of Working From Home

Working from home isn't for everyone, but I've liked the concept of flex lifestyle long before the pandemic. Some of my favourite parts of remote work include..

  1. Cooking a fresh lunch, instead of packing a lunch the night before or buying whatever is sold in expensive and unhealthy food courts. Don't get me wrong, I miss the quality food from farmer markets working in the financial district, but having access to food hot off the stove instead of the microwave is a win.

  2. Work out breaks mid-day. I used to hit up the Goodlife across from my old work building, but returning to the office all sticky was never a good look. Public showers is also time-consuming, obvious when you have long hair and kind of icky in general. Doing some stretches on the yoga mat in my room and then freshening up in the comfort of your own bathroom makes it so much easier to incorporate daily exercise.

  3. Not having to share your snacks with coworkers eyeing your stash. Joking, but kind of not. Having a snack bin and mini fridge in my room keeps the energy going through the work day.

  4. More personal space. It can get crowded and noisy in an open concept work space, hearing your coworker in close proximity talking to their clients on the phone, while you are managing a phone call yourself. In fact, I can even play some light jazz to increase my productivity without having to wear earphones.

  5. The obvious is taking the expense and time of commuting out of the equation. Giving that time back to yourself for hobbies, spending time with others, whatever your heart desires. No more waking up at 6:15 to catch the GO train then climbing onto a crowded ride home.

  6. Saving energy on washing and ironing so many business clothes. I'll still wear a blouse for a Zoom meeting, but it's been better for the environment, wallet and time in terms of not having to plan my weekly outfits. And for the ladies, I'd even dare to loop in similar savings on cosmetic products!

  7. The most important reason to me is more time with loved ones. Some people find themselves fighting more with those they live with, but for me, I enjoy having more interactions throughout the day and sharing whatever I whipped up in the kitchen. Before, I found it hard to find the time to have conversations other than at dinner or on weekends. Now that the quality time is integrated into my day, I find myself having more me time in those evenings and weekends that I would have normally spent with family.

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