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My Ferments

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

So far I've done pickles, kombucha and kimchi. One day I want to try brewing kvass. The flavour is really strong, even more so than kombucha, but I like it.

I enjoy the process of fermentation. It's not too much work because once you prep everything, you just put it in a safe corner, send the jar some positive thoughts and it will do its job.

Pickled black radish, celeriac, rutabaga, beet, carrot, cabbage, horseradish, organic ginger, garlic. Took 3 weeks to pickle.

Apple ginger kombucha- my favourite flavour. Kombucha takes a week to ferment and 3 days to infuse with flavouring.

Carrot ginger kombucha.

Blueberry strawberry ginger kombucha.

Kimchi, took 5 days to ferment.

Made into kimchi fried rice.

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