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My Fitness Schedule

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Ideally I would exercise everyday with maybe a break day once or twice a week, but I aim for at least three workouts a week. I weigh myself daily on a digital scale to monitor if I put on any pounds, which helps me think about whether my current diet is appropriate.

I started going to the gym consistently two years ago. I liked having a space dedicated to working out beyond just the yoga mat in my room. I took advantage of the equipment and started off with cardio. With time, I would up the duration and resistance on the machines, then add in weight-lifting when I felt ready.

My routines started at an hour and I was able to move it up to two hours. I make sure not to overdo it, the longest workout I've had was three hours. I don't want to injure myself and I can't work out the next day if my last workout was too strenuous, so I'd rather keep it at two hours so I have the option of doing it again tomorrow.

How I stay on track is defining my goals. Overall it is maintenance and becoming more toned, but my goals did evolve. There was a time I wanted more toned arms so I'd focus on weight machines that worked my arms, then if it's furthering ab goals, increasing reps of sit-ups.

Maintaining flexibility is important to me. There are a few stretches I do, that I hold for at least 30 seconds.

Left side, then right side.

Then both legs.

I try to tuck my feet in as much as I can.

Bridge. You can use a yoga wheel to help if needed.

I always do stretches on a yoga mat. I like the feel of the one I have from Incline and it comes with a strap to tie it neatly and bring around.

Some of my home equipment.

Adding weights to push-ups.


Getting in shape for kayak season.

I love leg machines.

You know you did a good job if you wake up the next day with the nice kind of soreness that is barely there but just there enough to remind you.

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