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My Skincare Bible

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

I have been following the Korean skincare regimen for years now and have incorporated it into my own routine. Which is once after waking up and once before bed.

Note: My skin type is combination, so I may not recommend this for other skin types.

First, cleanser. I stay away from scrubs as I find it dries out my skin. I use micellar water. If I am showering, I use a cleanser with a konjac sponge in the tub. An alternative to the sponge would be The Body Shop Luxury Facial Flannel. I replace them once every couple of months or when I find it is disintegrating.

Pro tip: Invest in good quality facial cotton pads. The best ones I have ever used were Shisedo facial cotton as they are super soft and thick, but they are too expensive for me to consume regularly.

Then, toner.

Then, emulsion. If I don't have, it is ok to skip.

Then, serum/concentrate.

Finally, cream. Switch to a more moisturizing one for the winter season.

I do daily face masks. I use a brush to apply a cream type of mask and remove with make-up remover wipes. I apply toner after a few minutes. I have done clay masks, but I stick to cream masks as it suits my skin better. I stay away from peels and glycolic acid masks as my skin ends up damaged if I do those. I use sheet masks when I am traveling.

My favourite masks are Torricelumn Absolute Age Interception Honey Mask and Hydra Cell Active Hyaluronate 3 Moisture Mask from Elizabeth Grant.

I use daily eye pads. I put them on when I am running errands around the house or relaxing. The one I consistently use is Elizabeth Grant Collagen Re-inforce 3D.

I do nightly sleep masks before bed. Currently I alternate between Oh K! Sleep Mask and Elizabeth Grant Wonder Effect Overnight Sleep Treatment.

Recently I have incorporated facials at a parlour and they recommend coming once every three weeks for maintenance. Not only do they have professional equipment, they also do your brows so there are savings so that I don't have to go to a separate place for that.

I make use of a daily hand scrub to keep your hands soft year-round, not just in the winter. I made my own brown sugar vanilla hand scrub. I mixed coconut oil, brown sugar and vanilla extract. You can sub the vanilla for peppermint extract or almond extract. You can also use almond oil or olive oil instead of coconut oil.

Coconut sugar orange hand scrub. You can sub the orange zest for lime or lemon zest or even chopped up fresh or dried herbs.

Brown sugar almond hand scrub.

Lavender epsom salt hand scrub.

Know your own skin.

1. Stick to products you are comfortable with.

I would avoid experimenting around, I myself had to switch to different products since my skin type changed after my teen years ended.

2. Be aware of food that can cause breakouts.

I avoid greasy, fried and spicy food as I know it might end in a pimple for me the next day. I usually stock up on a pimple spot treatment which is helpful to make any pimples go away quickly.

3. Find the cause of your acne.

I know that stress triggers acne for me, so I find ways to decompress myself as prevention.

4. Stay hydrated.

I find that my skin improved when I am drinking water throughout the day, so now I try to make sure I have a bottle with me when I'm out.

5. Keep your lips hydrated.

Lips are part of skin! Especially in the winter season. What really works for me is the Blistex Conditioning Lip Serum.

6. Maintain healthy hair.

In my experience, I found that oil in hair can transfer to skin, especially if you have bangs.

7. Don't forget your spf.

I carry around Sun Bum Sunscreen Face Stick SPF30 in my purse as it is compact and smells good. Skin protection is needed on all days, regardless sunny or cloudy.

8. Remove cosmetics properly before you go to bed.

I take mine off the moment I get home. I avoid using it daily if possible. I am willing to spend more money on higher-end brands, as poor quality make-up can cause breakouts.

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