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My Soup Trials

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Soup is one of those foods that are incredibly easy to make, so a great way for a new home cook to impress someone tasked with making lunch or dinner!

I've been experimenting with different textures of soups - blended vs. non-blended, a mixture of half-blended with half non-blended, chilled vs. hot..

I had my first bowl of chilled soup in a blended format during summer in a fancy restaurant and grew to like it that way.

If I wanted to cut down on the fat content, I would sub milk for cream, also subbing ingredients is something I did more during quarantine.

I prefer to use vegetable or chicken broth instead of beef broth, as the colour of the beef broth made the soup a lot darker and a bit saltier.

Half-blended with half non-blended scallop chowder. I liked having some potatoes and chowder to chew on, but not an overwhelming amount as some was blended.

Corn chowder - non-blended version.

I preferred it blended.

Tomato soup - I used tomato paste so there were no chunks. If you can take spice, this is the soup to add various spices to.

Carrot ginger soup - I preferred the blended version and it's delicious chilled.

Egg drop soup.

Starchy soups..

Potato leek soup non-blended version.

I preferred it blended.

Taro soup - I preferred it non-blended.

Purple yam soup non-blended version. Such a pretty colour, and felt like a dessert.

Blended version. I liked both, but the different textures felt like two totally different dishes.

Sweet potato soup non-blended version. Very sweet and it felt like a dessert as well.

Blended version.

Some fall favourites..

Butternut squash soup - I preferred this blended.

Roasted red pepper soup - I preferred this non-blended.

Pumpkin soup - I used canned pumpkin, so there were no chunks.

My absolute favourite is cream of mushroom soup - non-blended. It's so much better than the canned version.

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