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Navigating Stay at Home During Covid19

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Oddly enough, I am one of those who live my life as if today or perhaps the near future, may be the last. I am also a homebody, so I spend a lot of my time at home anyway. However, at first the quarantine did make me feel a bit down. After some more time, I started getting used to it. These are some of the activities I occupy myself with during a strange time as such.

1. Redecorate my room.

I've been putting off some minor installations and what better time to do this than now, when you literally have to be inside! I've installed smart bulbs that sync with my Google Home Mini and started to tear down old wallpaper that I am replacing with a similar pattern.

2. Transition to home workouts.

I bought a bunch of gym equipment initially for work-from-home, but now this helps me stay fit. Some days you want to keep fit but you literally can't go out- it's snowing, it's raining.. this is the best time to whip this out. I've moved it from the living room to my room and the set-up is a yoga mat, a push-up/sit-up bar (could also be a chin-up bar if I installed it that way), fitness band, yoga block, 10 lb weight and various other cool thingy-ma-jigs you normally don't see at a gym.

3. Practice my cooking and baking skills.

I map out which day I'm going to make what, although I admit it's still sometimes sporadic. I've definitely made a lot more substitutes than I normally would have, but funny enough it's all worked out so far. I've gotten the confidence to explore making more food than I normally would have pushed myself to do and I suppose this really is making the best of everything that's going on right now.

4. Explore my green thumb.

Every year I tell myself that this year is the year my garden is going to be ultra cool and then I just end up buying some veg and flowers from a greenhouse to replant in my garden. This year, I plan to try to regrow some veg from grocery stores and finally plant the seeds I've been hoarding. I've successfully grown some green onion and leek from scraps thus far.

5. Crack out my bike and rollerblades.

I've been meaning to get back into biking and rollerblading and this is the time. I stay close to home though, with parks being closed and I don't feel comfortable swerving all these other people during this time, so this is still a limited activity. Nonetheless, it fulfills my need for fresh air.

6. Pick up a good read.

It could be novels for some, classics for others.. for me, I've been meaning to flip through my Rick and Morty comics and now is the perfect time to do so.

7. Indulge in adult colouring books.

I suppose this was the reason I bought so many on sale at Indigo- it's a peaceful indoor activity at a time like this.

8. Catch up on my Netflix soaps.

I haven't watched much TV in the last year or so. I have a whole list of shows I'm behind on and some I want to check out. It's binge-watching time.

9. Get back into gaming.

Without the addiction part. I hardly played any games since working full-time and still am not super into it. I do enjoy exploring Steam games such as Risk of Rain 2, Stardew Valley, Don't Starve Together and Terraria, all of which are multiplayer. I've also played some Jackbox games on Twitch or Discord in a group.

10. Catch up with friends.

We are all used to texting and calling and this is something that didn't disappear. Just can't chill irl for now, but it's interesting hearing what other people are up to and what they've seen whenever they're out on a grocery run.

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