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Things I Want To Do Post-Covid19

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

One day when this pandemic is over, like completely over, not a phase of reopening or anything, these are all the things I look forward to doing.

Rock climb (also bouldering) for the first time with a friend at The Hub and Joe Rockets.

Enroll in my first kickboxing class.

Sign up for reoccuring dancing (hip hop?) lessons.

Look at new exhibits at Market Gallery, Textile Museum, Aga Khan, ROM, AGO.

Visit the zoo - I haven't been since I was a kid.

Not that I need more stuff, but I'd like to check out Colossus Centre and Factory Outlet Plaza, which are some of the only outlets I haven't been to in Ontario.

Attend a candle-making workshop.

Soap-making workshop too.

Mixology class.

Stand-up comedy drop-in at Second City and Bad Dog Theatre.

Finally try Japanese souffle pancakes which aren't hype anymore.

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