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Tips for Better Sleep Hygiene

The pandemic had changed my routine for the past year - I found that I had a lot more energy than before as I didn't have to bother with the time and energy spent in a commute. Everyday was suddenly wfh instead of an occasional wfh where you could get away with sleeping at ridiculous hours of the night.

Sleep is so important to health and happiness. If I didn't get at least seven hours of sleep, I would find myself getting tired mid-day and yearning for a dangerous nap.

Once my sleep cycle was off, it would affect the rest of my week and I'd have to commit myself to fixing it

Some of those commitments included..

  1. Doing a sleep study. It's uncomfortable for one night, but the doctors there can observe your patterns, let you know if you have sleep apnea and give you specific feedback as to how to have better sleep!

  2. Doing something dull before bed, like reading something not too thrilling, not listening to EDM, etc.

  3. Play some sleep music before bed. That could be ASMR of rain hitting a roof or soft piano music - whatever works best for you. Just make sure you use a streaming service that doesn't have ads because abruptly hearing a catchy ad in the middle of that soothing music could undo everything.

  4. Striving for at least 8 hours of sleep, if not more. I aim for nine hours of sleep these days and involve my Google Home mini in setting alarms.

  5. Actually getting out of bed when the alarm goes off. That means opening the curtains to natural light, going for a walk if that helps wake me up, splashing water on your face.

  6. Resist the urge to nap. It feels so good at the time, but it can make you lay in bed wide awake when you're supposed to be asleep later on that same night. I only nap if I know I can afford that tiny bit of time and I have something important later in the day that I know I can't get through without catching some z's.

  7. If you use melatonin to help, take the gummies instead of the spray and take it ~4 hours before your bedtime. I find that it kicks in fast but it takes time to fall asleep and sleeping a bit earlier than your goal works fine.

  8. You can pair the melatonin with magnesium pills to help with relaxing but only take it for two weeks. These don't require a prescription and side effects are some detoxing, which isn't a big deal if you wfh anyway.

  9. Upgrading your pillow. I sleep better on softer pillows, but even the best pillows get flattened too much with use, so I make sure to change mine once in a while.

  10. Using an eye mask. I find that it makes the room even darker for me and a comfy eye mask doesn't feel obstructive at all.

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