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Travel Itinerary to Blue Mountain Resort

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Blue Mountain is tons of fun both in the winter and summer as there are a number of different activities you can partake in. This itinerary is for the winter season and my visit was only to the village.

Stay at Weider Lodge.

Best features are the cozy fireplace and also a kitchen so you can cook and save money that can be spent on activities or shopping.

Pro tip: If you have a group of six, there are connected rooms.

You can wake up to a nice view of people skiing down the hill outside your window.

There is a fitness centre if you want to get a quick indoor jog in, while taking in the views outside the window.

Indulge in the hot tub.

No better time to have a mimosa, really.

Ride the horse carriage.

Did you say free? Sign me up! There is a wait time between rides but it usually isn't too long and the great narration from the driver plus the wagging of the horses' tails was worth it.

Pro tip: bring a blanket, as the wind blowing through the carriage can get chilly.

View on the carriage.

Find souvenirs at Village shops.

Hint: the shops are open until later on the weekends so if night shopping is your thing, opt for the weekend.

So many flavours of fudge, man.

Be a child again at Happy Valley Candy.

Go straight or spin at Hike N Tube.

The hiking part is walking back up the hill dragging the tube, which some may find tiring but I saw it as good exercise. The hill isn't really big like the one at Lakeridge, but it's unlimited tubing for an hour rather than pay per ride. There is staff at the top that will ask if you prefer straight or spin- personally I like spin better but straight produced decent selfie videos for the gram.

Try Woodview Mountaintop Skating.

I can promise you that it's a much different experience than on a rink. It's quite thrilling skating slightly downhill. There are barriers available for beginners to use.

Walk the 1 km trail around Mill Pond to Village at Blumination.

Free is always good. The light shows occur daily by the hour from 6:00 PM to 10:00PM and there are fireworks at 8:00 PM on Saturdays. The trail map is downloadable online if you want to take a look ahead of time, otherwise you can get a physical copy at guest services.

Join the snowshoe tour.

It's complimentary on the weekend, snowshoes are provided! You just have to sign a waiver and meet in front of the Columbia store at 10:15 AM.

Take an adult lesson at Monterra Tennis Feeding Frenzy.

It's daily at noon and for players of all abilities. You can hit hundreds of balls with an instructor present. Good to mix it up with indoor activities to warm up from all the outdoor activities.

Ride the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster.

Should definitely check out in the summer as well as it's a whole other experience.

Tip: the ride is slightly cheaper on a weekday, so if you are staying a couple of days that span over both the weekend and weekday(s), you could choose to go on a weekday.

Paint pottery at Crock A Doodle.

An indoor activity for unexpected poor weather or if you're not into the whole skiing/snowboarding scene.

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