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Ways to Earn Beer Money

Some cool subs I follow on Reddit are r/beermoney and r/workonline. Not an income but to make extra cash on the side for hobby indulgence.

  1. Join a focus group. This is lots of fun and I'm always down. It usually pays well and doesn't require too much of your time, expect maybe two hours. I've always come across these opportunities randomly like in Instagram ads. I've tested food for a fast food corporation, answered a series of questions about mail and got to visit a cool restaurant downtown Toronto to try different vape flavours. In addition to usually a gift card, I got to keep the product.

  2. Complete a mystery shopper assignment. I've done this twice and won't be doing it again as it's a lot of hassle in terms of requiring a detailed report for a simple task, but rest assured that it does pay out to your Paypal account.

  3. User test a website. You have to fit the demographics they are looking for, but I would prefer this over being a mystery shopper. Still have to remember to be detailed in your report though.

  4. Do surveys, the ones that pay a decent Amazon gift card and not pennies. Again, you are only selected if you match the criteria they seek. I don't mind answering a series of questions to save real money on my next purchase.

  5. Sell homemade crafts on Etsy or old University textbooks and electronics on Kijiji, eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

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