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Comparing Canadian Meal Kits

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

From my findings, the most popular meal kit companies in Toronto are Goodfood, Hello Fresh and Chef's Plate. Out of the three, I prefer Goodfood. I feel that there is more variety to choose from, the recipes are slightly more interesting and there is a better quality of ingredients.

However, it is such a hassle to cancel your subscription compared to Hello Fresh. You have to e-mail Goodfood's customer service or speak to them on live chat whereas you can just turn it on and off at Hello Fresh which is the way it should be. So in order of preference, it's Goodfood, then Hello Fresh, then Chef's Plate.

I would like to present to you, my favourite recipe from the brand so far- Za'atar Cod with Warm Couscous Salad.

Pro tip: I try to unpack the ingredients once I receive the package to see if any are missing, then I can factor in running to the store or a substitute ingredient.

Mise en place is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

Roasting veggies is one of my favourite methods rather than blanching them. I recommend using parchment paper if you have.

You can make a non-spicy version if your dining companion isn't into spice.

It gets tempting to start eating but if you don't take a photo to document your culinary success, did you really cook?

Plating is a form of art. There are four layers of food here!

Onto Hello Fresh, the Veggie Chili is a hearty recipe for the winter time to be shared with loved ones. It is harder to make a non-spicy version since it is a one pot chili, but you can adjust the overall spiciness level depending on how much chili powder you add. I usually save the extra spice in a jar for next time.

Other than the regular sour cream, I was pretty impressed with the ingredients provided. I rejoiced with silent yes-es when I saw the pre-cut onions and carrots.

There is a certain enjoyment to stirring the chili as the liquid absorbs.

All that cheesy goodness.


As for Chef's Plate, my favourite recipe from the brand thus far is the Oven-Fried Fish Tacos. It's great for date nights and for sharing with fam. I usually opt for portions for two people, but you could upgrade for portions for four people.

Pro tip: check for freshness of the ingredients to see which meal to cook first. First I check the expiry date on the meat and then the quality of the veggies.

Hint: I like to prep the ingredients the night before if possible and not any earlier than that, as you want to keep the ingredients fresh.

One spicy fish and one non-spicy fish.

The colour change of the meat post-baking is beautiful.

Taco assembling station.

Stylish plates for tacos please.

There are also meal kits from Miss Fresh and Fresh City Farms that I have yet to try.

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